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Attila Kiss

Attila Kiss

Attila Kiss

Company: MOL Group, Hungary

Job title: Group DS Operational Risk Pr. Manager


Attila Kiss is a passionate reliability and operational excellence professional with a decade of experience in maintaining and improving uptime of manufacturing equipment and processes in the oil and gas industry. As a member of the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP), a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) and Certified Reliability Leader (CRL), Attila is committed to combining sound reliability principles and processes with the latest technology to improve process safety and asset performance.

Besides leading various international asset reliability improvement projects, he has dedicated the past years to learning, experimenting with utilization of drones in Oil&Gas industry.

Currently, he is focusing on developing and delivering an innovative approach to minimizing unplanned downtime by merging transparent Operational Risk Management processes in production facilities with (annual) financial budgeting processes to ensure that his company spends its resources where they bring the most value. He truly believes that all unplanned shutdowns are undermanaged risks that become reality.

Attila holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Budapest Business University and pursued his MBA at Cotrugli Business School in Zagreb, Croatia. He also acts as a visiting lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Pannon University and as a speaker at a variety of conferences.

In his spare time, he likes exploring potential future use cases of Blockchain technology in the manufacturing industry.