Shaikha Al-Mazrouei, ADNOC Refining

1. Please introduce your role at ADNOC Refining.

My Name is Shaikha AlMazrouei I am 28 years old, married with one daughter. I have Bachelor degree in Enterprise System with GPA: 3.6 and Master degree in Business Administration with GPA: 3.86. I am working in ADNOC Refining since February 2012 my current job title is Sr. System Analyst.

2.What does your typical workday look like?

I start my work reading emails, memos and replying it. Moreover, I contact and follow up with the business unit user for the status of the projects. And, I prepare functional documents (scope, project charter) for my section projects. Also, I am learning C# language to be part of the support team for our internal applications.

3.Women represent growing segment of oil and gas workforce but what are the main challenges that come with being a woman in the traditionally male-dominated oil industry?

Woman nowadays entered in almost all the fields of work. Their might be a domination of oil industry for men but, we can see that women also have entered this field and they are efficiently working with men in the field. Women study and learn any field and achieve success.

4.What does workplace innovation look like at your organisation?

Currently we are following ADNOC guidelines to achieve and align our work with the four pillars (People, Performance, Profitability and efficiency). We as a team work believe in our values (collaborative, responsible, efficient, and progressive). In my workplace we trust our colleague in the knowledge Transfer process.

5.How does this impact your customers?

The customers believe in the long-term relationship. Despite the changes that might occur in our workplace, all customers try to adapt with our changes for the reason of building strong relationship with our company.

6.What does the subject of digital transformation and IoT mean to your organisation?

Being digital in our company means achieving our target for the four pillars ((People, Performance, Profitability and efficiency). It changes the way the company operates and how our business is done. We are infusing innovation in our marketing and distribution, downstream, and upstream.

7.How do you see the role of the Industrial Internet of Things in refining, petrochemicals & chemicals? What are the key benefits and opportunities of using IIoT solutions in downstream operations?

The role of IIOT is very vital in the refinery. It can reduce the cost and optimize the asset utilization.  It can help in creating new products and services. Also, it reduces the equipment failure, which means the machines will operate efficiently with all data available. Moreover, it improves the operations, lowers the costs, generates revenues and creates competitive differentiation. 

8.What are the current challenges and hurdles that affect the spread and deployment of the Internet of Things in your organisation? (for refiners, petrochemical & chemicals companies only)

The challenges come with the security mainly. Since we have to secure all our sensitive data, we cannot expose it to external network without proper security architecture. The cost might be a concern, since we are trying to reduce the cost and the IoT is very expensive.

9.“Developing diversity across a company isn’t a quick fix but is a long-term business imperative” – please elaborate from your perspective

It is difficult to change because all employees will have resistance to change. But, by phases employees will adapt to all changes. So, any changes comes from the management is to ensure that the company is following the four pillars ( people, performance, profitability and efficiency). Changes allow employees to become creative and innovative.

10.In your opinion, what is one of the best ways to attract more women into the oil and gas industry?

For sure women might have some boundaries to work in the field or to work for the oil and gas. But, they should believe in themselves first to become successful. The more confidant the person (woman or man) is the more successful he/she will be. The workplace should also make awareness campaign to reach women and let them know how the oil and gas will let them become successful.