Rohaya Roslee, Dow Chemical

 1.Please introduce your role at Dow Chemical

Serving as the Office of Inclusion's point of interface for all employee resource groups (ERGs) in the region, I partner with regional ERG Leaders to promote ERG engagement and cross-collaboration to drive business success. I am also responsible for establishing and owning external I&D partnerships within the region to influence externally and leverage best practices for Dow’s own success.

2.What does your typical workday look like?

My typical workday involves having conversations with leaders and employees to influence and then partner them to put in place actions to create an inclusive environment. Extending out to other organisations to leverage best practices.

3.Women represent growing segment of oil and gas workforce but what are the main challenges that come with being a woman in the traditionally male-dominated oil industry?

In my opinion, the main challenge is on the expectation that women should behave like how men behave in this particular industry.

 4.What does workplace innovation look like at your organisation?

Digitalisation of the customer experience

5.How does this impact your customers?

In the customer's point of view, information is readily available for them so that they can make quick business decisions.

6.What does the subject of digital transformation and IoT mean to your organisation?

In Dow Chemical, digital transformation and IoT are part of the business operating model.

7.How do you see the role of the Industrial Internet of Things in refining, petrochemicals & chemicals? What are the key benefits and opportunities of using IIoT solutions in downstream operations?

Key benefits and opportunities of using IIoT solutions in downstream operations are the accuracy of information, safety of employees, efficiency of processes, timely information in order to make faster decisions.

8.What are the current challenges and hurdles that affect the spread and deployment of the Internet of Things in your organization? (for refiners, petrochemical & chemicals companies only)

I think the current challenge that affect the spread and deployment of IoT is the large capital investment in assets.

9.“Developing diversity across a company isn’t a quick fix but is a long-term business imperative” – please elaborate from your perspective

Inclusion is one of the 4 key drivers for Dow’s strategy for growth.

10.In your opinion, what is one of the best ways to attract more women into the oil and gas industry?

In my opinion, the best ways to attract more women:

a) Men need to be strong advocates for female talents

b) Showcase more female role-models