The reality behind the hydrogen dream

Hydrogen: the multi-billion-dollar question shaping the future of the energy industry.

Peaks in oil production and dips in demand, are driving downstream operators to explore alternative business models. Scrutiny from stakeholders, investors and consumers has accelerated sustainable strategy. In an era defined by change, many operators are calling Hydrogen the “inevitable future”.  
But what is the reality behind the Hydrogen dream? In our exclusive article, the Asian Downstream Summit and ARTC team asked three international industry leaders the truth about implementing a hydrogen infrastructure, the price of embracing a hydrogen business model, and the cost of being left behind.
Go behind the scenes at PETRONAS and Chennai Petroleum and read the full article below.
We’ll be continuing the hydrogen debate at our much anticipated digital edition of the Asian Downstream Summit and ARTC conference. On the 28th October at 10.15 SGT, Yu Kin Yeo, Senior VP of Argus Consulting will be sharing first hand insights on the Long term impact on the transportation fuel market due to energy transition. He’ll be addressing key questions, such as:
  • Oil and refining, current and future trends
  • Long term trends of transportation fuel
  • Trends in refining complexity and COVID impact
  • Climate change and electrification of energy
  • Is hydrogen a realistic and sustainable future?
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