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Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest integrated oil and gas company; its upstream operations are based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it also operates a global downstream business.

Headquartered in the city of Dhahran, the company operates in eight locations within the Kingdom and 20 locations overseas, and employs around 76,000 people.


Our downstream refining business is an engine of growth, and has been since our earliest days. We began refining operations at our original Ras Tanura refinery in 1941.

Today, we produce a full slate of quality fuels and lubricants that meet or exceed international quality standards.

Our chemicals business currently spans the production of basic chemicals such as aromatics, olefins, and polyolefins to more complex products such as polyols and advanced synthetic rubber.


By combining chemicals production with our domestic and international refineries, we have created a globally integrated refining and petrochemical network that creates resilience in times of crude oil price volatility,

secures dedicated outlets for our crude oil in strategic growth markets, and allows us to control and optimize costs across the entire supply chain from the well-head to customers.


Join our multinational team of experts and work with the latest technology and extensive resources.