Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

At Asian Downstream Summit, we have a mission to support oil & gas innovators and solution providers across the world, helping them innovate and create new services.
We believe that refiners and petrochemical players can only tackle their challenges through technology driven innovation. These solutions will only come about if the industry innovates and tests new approaches.
Our new content platform and digital solutions have you covered with a number of ways to stay connected with your peers and customers, strengthen your brand awareness, showcase thought leadership and the latest technologies, and combine digital tools with physical events to maximize impact.

Download our Digital Series Flyer

We’re creating a platform that would provide you with the opportunity to work with us to produce digital content in a number of different formats. Download our Digital Series Flyer to find out how we can help your business needs.

Download our Digital Series Flyer


"Working with Clarion has been a great experience. The recent video interview collaboration was professionally conducted and provided us with an opportunity to share knowledge on the latest digital initiatives applied to the process plant industry. We believe the questions discussed were very relevant to the current state of the business in the industry and hopefully has provided some thought provoking ideas for their digital transformation journey.

We look forward to continue to work with Clarion for the Asian Downstream Summit in Singapore and make it an equally successful partnership!"

- Supratim Mukhopadhyay, Director, Pre-sales, APAC, HEXAGON

"It was a pleasure dealing with the Clarion team in preparing and conducting the Albemarle webinar held as part of the Asian Downstream Summit and ARTC Digital Series. 

The webinar enabled Albemarle to share its thoughts with the rest of the refining industry on some of the challenges and opportunities facing FCC operators."
Dan McQueen, Director of Sales, Asia Pacific at Albemarle Corporation

"It was a great experience to be able to interact with subject matters experts from the industry pertaining the topic on sustainability which is critical for the survival of the industry." 
Mok Thye Yee​, Manager (FEED Downstream), PETRONAS​

"Congratulations on managing such a globally widespread program in a very efficient manner. It was an honor for me to share views among such internationally renowned professionals. Thanks for providing me this opportunity. I will look forward participating in your upcoming and future programs."
Mohammad Wasi Khan, Board Director and Advisor, Byco Pakistan

What outcomes are you looking for?

What does your business need? Leveraging on our leading brands, extensive regional network and key industry relationships, we can help innovators discuss and demonstrate the technologies and strategies that are changing the face of the industry.

How Can We Help You Engage?

We have opportunities to suit every business need and budget. Get in touch to discuss what is right for you!

Sponsored Infographics & eBooks

Infographics provide a visually compelling, and fresh way to create and drive new content to your customers and stay relevant in a competitive market.
Your infographic can also be a great segue into a piece of premium content, like an in-depth eBook for example, as it can act as an introduction or a brief overview to a certain topic. Once the consumer has digested the infographic, we can provide a simple link to download the eBook and read more about the topic. eBooks are able generate more traffic, leads and drive more revenue for your business. Our e-books will combine interviews with senior industry operators and buyers and come in a downloadable, PDF format that can be used across your digital and face-to-face channels.            
Infographics and e-books are tailor-made for you and are a highly engageable piece of content that can go a long way in really getting your brand recognized as a market leader.
Sponsored Infographics & eBooks


We regularly conduct Exclusive Interviews, write Articles or Features with the most prestigious refiners and petrochemical companies and leading solution providers to gain market insights. This bespoke content ties in with industry challenges, showing how you can address them.
Interviews can be wither written or video interviews of your spokesperson talking about your vision and solution. All our interviews, Articles and Features will provide logo and branding opportunities. We will broadcast these via our event websites, content platform and social media.
We release sponsor-branded articles leading up to the event and track the analytics and constantly iterate based on insights on what works and what doesn’t.

Whitepaper or Monthly Reports

We will work with you to generate a persuasive, authoritative and in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution.  We reach, understand, engage and influence your target markets and help generate leads and insights for your sales teams.
We release sponsor-branded whitepapers and reports leading up to the event and track the analytics and constantly iterate based on insights on what works and what doesn’t.
Whitepaper or Monthly Reports


Through live Q&A and advanced polling capabilities, our webinars and workshops provide the opportunity to interact, share, and exchange real-world experiences and challenges in real time and discuss new perspectives, solutions, best practices, and key considerations through actual case studies.
We help you conduct original webinars and workshops, with senior-level executives and key industry players to share knowledge, experience, innovation or technology that the industry can learn from, usually with slides and including moderated Q&A.
We consult with you to identify your prospective customers that you would like high-quality time with.
We curate all our webinars and workshops and help bring together these attendees. Our VIP and audience team will help securing the most relevant audience for your webinar/workshop.


Virtual Panels are live discussions with industry influencers and leading operators delivered in a highly engaging format. The aim of these panels is to share unique and distinctive ideas and perspectives, delivered in a highly engaging format.
Our Virtual Meetings help you make the right connections and set up private meetings online. Our virtual meetings programme will enable you to book and manage your event calendar prior to the Summit, as well as track and report on your meetings to ensure your time is spent effectively and productively.

ADS Digital Series

Watch our past interviews in our Digital Series. The ADS Digital Series feature interviews with key industry thought leaders across the downstream oil and gas industry, brought to you by the Asian Downstream Summit and ARTC teams.