Koch-Glitsch, Koch Heat Transfer & John Zink Hamworthy Combustion


Koch-Glitsch is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of mass transfer, mist elimination and liquid-liquid coalescing equipment. The company’s products are found in refineries, petrochemical, chemical and gas processing plants worldwide. With the largest installed base in the industry, Koch-Glitsch engineers have the knowledge and experience to supply innovative designs for almost all separation technology applications; including Eta Process Plant’s turnkey deaeration technology; and tower vessel and mass transfer equipment services offered by Koch Specialty Plant Services, LLC.  Koch Knight, a Koch-Glitsch affiliate, is a worldwide leader in acid proof and corrosion solutions; providing equipment, installation, and services to the sulfuric acid, chemical, mining, and environmental industries.

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Koch Heat Transfer is recognized as a world leader in the supply of specialized and standard shell and tube heat exchangers, double-pipe, multi-tube hairpin and tank heating equipment. Built on some of the most trusted brands, including BROWN FINTUBE® Products and TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchangers, we are a full-service partner for supplying heat transfer solutions to refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical companies and other industrial facilities around the world. Our capabilities range from state-of-the-art research and development to thermal and mechanical engineering, and manufacturing. We produce technologies to reduce energy costs, eliminate flow-induced vibrations, improve thermal efficiency and reduce pressure loss. The focus for the Asian Downstream Summit 2019 is our TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchanger technology that can solve a number of issues and increase the profitability of various process units through increased capacity or reduced energy costs.” Our innovative design eliminates baffles and damaging tube vibrations. The uniquely shaped tubes are arranged on a triangular pattern that provide adjacent support as fluid swirls freely alongside and yet have gaps between the tubes for ease of cleaning on the shell side.

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