Asian Downstream Summit

Asian Downstream Summit is the biggest Downstream Technology Tradeshow in Asia with a special focuses on Digital Transformation, Technological Innovations, Industry 4.0 in Oil and Gas.

We bring together top oil and gas players including top refiners, petrochemical and specialty chemicals players, decision makers, technology experts & government officials to discuss strategies and best practices for optimising efficiency, increasing margins and achieving operational excellence in oil and gas through technology enablement.

The two-day, two-streamed technical conference and exhibition is organised annually by Clarion Events as part of the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) which is hosted by the Energy Market Authority of Singapore.

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Key sessions and themes for Asian Downstream Summit 2019 will include:

  1. Embracing the digital enterprise model
  2. Enabling digital technologies to deliver real, sustained value to the bottom line
  3. Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing
  4. Technologies to enhance connectivity, automate manual tasks, improve decision making, and product or service innovation
  5. Improve process safety and HSE management performance
  6. How is big data disrupting the oil & gas industry?
  7. Energy optimisation in refining & petrochemical plants   
  8. Improving Asset Reliability
  9. Disruptive downstream retail Innovations & Technologies 
  10. How to improve asset integrity with predictive maintenance
  11. Strategies to reduce downtime with real-time analytics
  12. Rise of Automation in Refining & Petrochemicals
  13. Improving process efficiency through automated planning and manufacturing

Each year, we issue a call for papers to industry participants across the globe. We work closely with our Advisory Board, made up of senior oil & gas professionals from across the region who are tasked with grading the various technical papers received.

Only the highest graded, most timely and original papers presented for the first time in the region are selected to be part of the two-day programme. The programme is also packed with thought provoking keynote addresses, high-level panel discussions, and in-depth case studies.

The event will continue to be the region’s largest technology-focused conference and exhibition and the premier platform for learning the latest technologies, networking, seeking partnerships, and building key business relationships.