Report: (ARC Advisory) OT Enterprise Data Infrastructure Enables Transformation of MOL Downstream
This is a case study about integrating real-time operational technology (OT) data with information technology (IT) business data to optimize production and obtain on-going business benefits at an oil refining company, which is also entering new frontiers through Industrial IoT (IIoT), cloud, and machine learning technologies. Download the report to find out more! 
Report: (ARC Advisory) Saudi Aramco and ExxonMobil Share Similar Vision for Process Automation
While ExxonMobil has attracted attention this year by contracting for a prototype new automation system, Saudi Aramco has quietly been researching a new automation system architecture that is remarkably similar to that envisioned by ExxonMobil. Download the report to find out more!
Report: (ARC Advisory) Machine Learning and the Industrial Internet of Things
Report exploring how data generated by the Industrial Internet of Things will re-ivigorate machine learning for asset-intensive industries. Download the report to find out more!
Report: (Accenture) Chemical Industry Vision
Kodak once sat at the top of its industry. Then, technology and customer expectations started to change. Kodak’s leaders saw the waves of change coming, but failed to respond. Today, business schools study companies like Kodak and dissect their strategies to see why they failed to adjust in time. Like Kodak, the chemical industry is now seeing fundamental change. The question is, what can industry leaders do to ensure that their companies adapt to this change—before the world passes them by? Download the report to find out more!
Report: (ARC Advisory) How Data Analysts and Control Engineers Can Share Techniques
Report highlighting how modern data analytics can support sensor-based data to provide actionable insights on industrial processes.
Download the report to find out more!
Report: (ARC Advisory) Optimize Asset Performance with Industrial IoT and Analytics
Report highlighting how IIOT and analytics provides the greatest saving opportunities for downstream refining & petrochemical operators. Download the report to find out more!
Report: 7 major spending priorities for Asian refineries and petrochemical plants
After researching into the region’s mega downstream projects and finding out the key challenges facing refineries and petrochemical operators, our most recent efforts was aiming to highlight the spending priorities from the region’s existing refineries and petrochemical plants, most of them being carried out in 2014/2015. Download the report to read more
Report: (ARC Advisory) Say Goodbye to the Status Quo for Automation in the Refining and Chemical Industries
Report highlighting this year’s ARC Industry Forum which speaks of the urgent need for the industry to get on board with digital transformation. Download the report to read more
Report: The significance of Operational Excellence in securing the future of Downstream Operations
Operational Excellence is when the efforts throughout the organization are in a state of alignment for achieving its strategies and where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there – to pursue ‘Operational Excellence by DesignSM’ and not by coincidence. Download report to read more
Report: Asset Management
These are tough times for oil and gas companies - fluctuating oil prices and uncertain economic conditions have put severe pressure on the bottom line. Companies need higher returns and are under pressure to optimise production performance for their assets. Download report to read more
Report: Top 10 challenges facing Asian refineries in 2014

"I recently sat with a group of Asian refineries and they shared with me their greatest challenges faced in 2014 and beyond. Most of these challenges stemmed from low plant utilisation rates and weak margins as a result of increased competition. While many of these challenges were operational in nature, a number highlighted the need to get the right strategy and right partnerships – either with investor partners, fuel partners or supplier and vendor partners." - Shantal Chapman, Commercial Director, Asian Downstream Week 

Download report to read more

Report: 10 largest downstream & petrochemical projects planned for Asia
Asia is still the home of many of the major downstream and petrochemical projects planned for 2014, 2015 and beyond. Despite the renewed interest in North America and Europe, many of the largest projects and refinery upgrade are being rolled out in the Asia region. Download report to read more
Report: (World Refining Association) Refining and Petrochemical Integration 
In the current market, integration is enabling companies to remain competitive and add value to their existing operations. Download report to read more
Report: Operational Excellence Priorities
Operational excellence is the key differentiator that sets apart industry leaders from the rest. Today’s refining and petrochemical industry is in urgent need of operational excellence to elevate performance due to cost cutting pressures. The focus goes beyond the traditional event based models of improvements, and looks at improvement based on a long term change in organisational culture. Download report to read more
Report: How supply chain is impacting petrochemical operators' bottom-line
Refining and petrochemical companies are facing challenging global conditions today with the recent sharp fall in oil prices and the market fluctuation. Investors and operators are looking to rein in expenditure which has put great pressure on efficiency at all levels. The impact of cost reductions will be felt across the entire supply chain with contractors to oil refineries forced to re-evaluate their own operations - and staffing plans - in 2015. Download report to read more
Report: (Accenture) Digitizing Energy - Analytics-Powered Performance
This paper looks at the current analytics landscape in oil and gas and ways to seize opportunities for an analytics-powered performance. Download the report to find out more! 
Report: (Accenture) Digitizing Energy - The Future of Workforce in the Oil & Gas Industry
In the oil and gas industry, digital is radically transforming work as we know it. Digital technologies are not only rapidly changing the practice of work, but they are also reshaping the very nature of the workforce and its work experiences in everything from hiring experiences to jobs to careers. Download the report to find out more! 
Report: (ARC Advisory) Enhancing the Customer Experience through IIoT-enabled Remote Monitoring

Subscription-based, IIoT-enabled predictive maintenance services are becoming increasingly attractive for manufacturers and other industrial organizations. This report explains why and how, and includes a case story.

Owner-operators should include IIoT-enabled services as a critical selection criterion for sourcing equipment, particularly with more complex devices. Download the report to find out more! 

Report: (Accenture) Understanding Data Visualization

Businesses today are being inundated with data from every direction, but this data has no meaning or value until it is processed, understood, and acted upon. Data visualization technology can simplify and accelerate these tasks. At a time when data discovery, analysis, and presentation capabilities are more vital than ever, businesses should seize the opportunity to not only realize the importance of data visualization but also to develop a strategy around it. Download the report to find out more! 
Report: (Accenture) High Performence in the Chemical Industry
Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Technology Enablement - This analysis shows new technologies offer significant opportunities for cost reduction and growth in the chemicals industry, if only companies keep an open mind on new ways to seek better returns. Download the report to find out more! 
Report: (ARC Advisory) The Next Generation of ALIM: Connecting the Digital Asset
One of the single most significant issues associated with projects is the lack of accurate, complete, and timely information that can add substantial risk to the project in terms of cost, time, and safety. Download the report to find out more! 
Report: (ARC Advisory) Industrie 4.0 in the Chemical Industry
The goal of Industrie 4.0 is to produce intelligent products using intelligent methods and processes. Plattform Industrie 4.0 mentions that this is ena-bled through increased use of near-real-time data in the digital integration of value chains, seamless asset lifecycle information from plant concept to decommissioning, and business-to-plant production control. Download the report to find out more!  
Report: (Lux Research) A Tale of Two Major Oil Companies
The oil and gas industry is undergoing a major transformational change. Oil majors are now building on shifting grounds as oil prices remain low and competition from renewable energy continues to intensify. As revenues plummet and margins vanish upstream operations, the downstream sector is often touted as the next frontier for the oil and gas industry. Download the report to find out more!  
Report: (Accenture) Outside The Black Box

Although oil and gas executives express confidence in their cybersecurity strategies overall, 60% still view cyberattacks as a black box. Download the report to find out more!

Report: (Accenture) World Energy Scenarios 2016

Since 1970, the world has seen rapid growth in energy demand, mainly satisfied by fossil fuels. The future will be different. Disruptive trends are emerging that will create a fundamentally new world for the energy industry, characterised by lower population growth, radical new technologies, greater environmental challenges, and a shift in economic and geopolitical power. These underlying drivers will re-shape the economics of energy. We call this uncertain journey into the new world of energy – The Grand Transition. Download to read more!
Report: (Accenture) Digital Transformation Intiative
    Digital transformation is emerging as a driver of sweeping change in the world around us. Connectivity has shown the potential to empower millions of people while providing businesses with unparalleled opportunities for value creationand capture. Download to read more!         
Report: (ARC Advisory) Optimization: The Road Ahead for the Process Industries
The quest for more agile and efficient methodologies is centric to the psyche of the human race. Humans’ desire to accomplish tasks faster, easier, and at less cost is core to our species success. Businesses, by extension, do the same as a matter of survival, and now another evolutionary moment has arrived. Download the report to find out more!
Report (ARC Advisory) Driving Peak Plants and Business Performance Through Process Automation
All industrial companies strive to improve their business performance, but this typically involves numerous challenges. One of these is to justify the technology investments needed to improve asset performance at the unit and plant levels in a manner that senior management can relate to, such as adequate return on investment (ROI). Download the report here!
Report (ARC Advisory) Digital Knowledge Accelerates Benefits of Digital Transformation
Digital transformation isn't just about technology;it's about evolving beyond 20th century business practices and leveraging disruptive innovation to survive and thrive in data driven ecomonies. Download the report here!
Report (ARC Advisory) Rethinking the Role of Process Control - End Users Perspectives
Technology is changing and fast. Labor availability and skillset requirements are changing as well. End users discuss their companies' process control roles, challenges, and responses to those challenges. Download this report here!
Report (ABB) CCR Unit Optimization: The Use of Simple Robust On-Line Analyzer Technology for the Optimization of Refinery Catalytic Reforming Units
Crude oil refining is a continuous and high-volume process with very significant raw-material and energy costs, it is not steady-state. Crude oil feedstocks vary continuously in quality, availability and cost that can lead to the use of relatively complex whole-refinery linear programming (LP) models to manage these changes. Underneath these models, individual process unit Advanced Process Control (APC) packages need to keep the units on target (even though these targets will change) and under control. Download this report to find out more!
Report (ABB) HFU Unit Optimization: The Use of Robust Pre-calibrated On-Line Analyzer Technolgy for the Measurement of HF Acid Purity
The HF alkylation unit (HFU) remains of key importance to this day. It plays a critical role in providing one of the most important feeds to the final products of gasoline blending pool. Its significance has grown side by side with the increasing number of fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units in refineries. Download this report here!
Report (ABB) NSC Unit Optimization: The Use of Robust On-Line Analyzer Technology for the Real-Time Optimization of Steam-cracking Furnace Operation
The key problem in furnace operation is to balance cracking severity against throughput, propylene/ethylene yield and selectivity, all of which can impact the gas-make, the capacity of the downstream separation and compression train and the risk of unacceptable furnace tube coking. Download this report here!
Customer Story: Oiltanking

Oiltanking Terminal Amsterdam (OTA) strives towards a single, optimum standard for the Oiltanking Amsterdam Terminal and is continuously implementing upgrades and improvements to its processes. Download the report here!

Report (ARC) Bringing Minds to Machines in the Oil & Gas Industry
In the oil & gas industry, predicting how machines and processes will behave is key to proactive maintenance, future productivity, and driving new value. To succeed, it’s important to understand all aspects of an oil & gas process and bring together the physical and virtual assets in a continuous loop of knowledge and improvement, in effect, giving machines a “mind.” Download the report here!