Industry Reports

Essential Elements of Digital Transformation by ARC

Most industrial process companies globally will undergo a digital transformation to some degree or other in the coming years. However, many companies today tend to focus efforts on technology, without considering the full organizational impact. ARC has developed a maturity model that can help answer some key questions relative to digital transformation.

Creating a Strategic IT-OT Investment Plan by ARC

While acquiring an operation from another company might open one’s eyes to different ways of doing things, it often requires developing a plan. As illustrated by case examples from Ashland, Dow-DuPont, and Arkema, owner-operators must develop their own IT-OT plan that fits both their short- and long-term business objectives.

Introducing the Lux Carbon Canvas: A Framework for Companies Looking to Prepare for the Energy Transition by Lux Research

With companies disclosing the powerlessness of internal carbon prices in altering corporate strategy, a framework is necessary for determining the threshold at which a carbon price does have an impact on financial performance and understanding the strategies companies can take to mitigate risk and evolve.

From B2C to B2B: Identifying Digital Business Models for Physical Industries by Lux Research

The ability to collect data at high velocities, in large volumes, and move them over large distances has led to the emergence of novel customer-centric digital business models in the B2C sector. This has fueled the hypergrowth of several companies in the B2C sector, leading to the rapid emergence of mega-corporations like Uber, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. In contrast, B2B companies have largely focused on optimizing operations using internal data. Digital transformation-enabled hypergrowth has largely evaded such companies.