Asian Downstream Summit

In 2017, the conference will split into 2 streams to allow greater focus in each area. With a fresh look, you can expect lots of new things from our Asian downstream conference. This event has always been and will remain a place for individuals to discuss investment opportunities, cutting-edge technologies, feedstock supply systems and security strategies that relate to the current crude oil forecasts. It serves as a networking platform for IOC and NOC operators, technology licensors, EPC’s and other industry players.

Key Concepts Covered

Operational Excellence & Asset Optimisation Programme

  • How to impove energy efficiency
  • How to use data and analytics for greater asset management
  • How to achieve zero unscheduled downtime
  • How to manage shutdown and turnaround effectively

Connected Supply Chain Programme

  • How to optimise petrochemical and chemical supply chain
  • How to improve safety and security for global chemical supply chain
  • How to ensure efficient transportation storage and logistics
  • How to improve global supply chain visibility with real-time trace and track 
  • What are the future innovations in chemical supply chain
  • What are the best practices in supply chain risk management

Digital Manufacturing & Automation Programme

  • How to leverage information technologies to achieve operational objectives
  • How can sensors and IOT technologies deliver greater return
  • What are the innovations in advanced automation
  • How to ensure security with the improved connectivity

Other Key Concepts Covered

All of the topics covered during our conference directly relate to current crude oil and gas technical analysis forecasts.

  • Increasing profit margins and cash-flow
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Identifying partners for project development
  • Managing budget deliveries
  • Transportation storage strategies and logistics
  • Selecting the best site to maximise incentives and funding
  • Reducing energy output
  • Selecting the right feedstock
  • Improving the quality of fuel
  • Improving higher value goods
  • Utilising existing units for various feedstocks

Save the date for Asian Downstream Summit! It runs from the 25-26 October in 2017. To get involved, contact us at +65 6590 3970 or


Join over 800 refiners and petrochemical operators on 25 - 26 October 2017 to celebrate the 10th Asian Downstream Summit at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre. 

Be a part of our community as we navigate the digital unknowns in the new age of innovation that can accelerate your journey in becoming a digital enterprise.

** As a delegate, your ticket includes access to the Singapore International Energy Week's (SIEW) networking reception where you can network with over 13,000 energy professionals.

Contact us for group booking discounts at or +65 6590 3970.